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3 Creative Ideas to Do As a Family

Hey guys!

Welcome to Little Bear Homeschool. Eliel here. We've really been enjoying our homeschooling adventures and wanted to hop on and share some activities we've been up to. Check out our tips below my mommy writes to have more fun and embrace your creative side (whether you homeschool or not).

  1. Start a Garden

One of our favorite pastimes lately has been gardening. Waking up to water our plants every morning, and being able to witness growth has been so exciting! We are learning as we go along. And we constantly have to pull Rafi away from digging up our seeds! But we are loving the process.

2. Make Your Own Soap

This has been one of our FAVORITE things to do lately! We used goat's milk soap base, manuka honey, essential oils, and topped them with lavender and rose petals. I'm (Monica) feeling more do-it-yourself lately, and bathing the kids with our own soap has been so special! I and the hubbs use it as well.

3. Sew a Quilt

Growing up, my mom taught me how to sew. She is one of the most creative humans I know. I love that she instilled in me the value of sharing your creativity with your kids. Making something--out of nothing--that can be passed down generations is an amazing gift. I'll admit--the first few weeks learning how to use the machine again was NOT easy, and I wanted to throw it at the wall after threading jam #27. But, seeing the progress, again, has been very spiritually fulfilling. I will share the finished product of our first family quilt once it's done!

Here's three ways we've been creative lately, and we hope you try one of these out if you feel inclined to! Invite your kids into the mix. Put on a pot of tea. Play some high vibe music. And flex that creative muscle creating memories that last a lifetime.

Until next post,

Monica and the fam

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