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DIY Chalkboard Wall For Homeschooling

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One of the most difficult parts of leaving our home and moving overseas was saying goodbye to our homeschool room. We had everything set up. I do miss it.


I'm a girl who loves a fresh start.

I hopped online and tried to find solutions for homeschooling decor that didn't involve big, clunky items or spending too much. After selling and donating SO much stuff from our last house, I've learned the value of thinking before bringing yet another thing in my home.

I found this simple, very inexpensive chalkboard peel off and stick wallpaper--under 15 bucks and SO easy to apply!

I added on some markers, a clock, and made our learning corner a bit more cozy with a carpet and books. And just like that the kids started gravitating to the area to read, snuggle, and write on the board.

My favorite part? Writing our homeschool name on the chalkboard and collaborating with my hubby (I asked him to draw our bear logo) :)

I do think I'll be adding more to the board--like a border. The plan is the check out some decorative borders from Walmart (or somewhere) and see what I can come up with.

But so far we love it!

What is a must have in your homeschool room? Let me know on our Instagram!.

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