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Bringing Back the Magic in Motherhood

I often reflect on my own childhood, especially now that I'm a mom of my own three children. Some of my best memories growing up were: learning how to piano, learning to read (and developing a LOVE for books), making pancakes on Sunday morning, dancing, and singing...all with my mom.

My mom, Sadie, didn't homeschool me per se, but we definitely did a lot of learning at home. I remember long summer days sitting on my balcony hearing and watching all the other kids play while my mom and I got lost in a long, enchanting fairy tale book. All her hard work investing in her children paid off. I was an avid reader by age 4 (and still am as a 33 year old). And while I used to wonder all the time why my mom held such high standards for learning and creativity in our home (when all my other friends "cooler" parents seemingly were much more lax about these practices), I now am so grateful in retrospect for all the energy my mom (the original Mom Who Wears Heels), put into me, her youngest daughter.

My mom was a single mom of 5 who was (and is) brilliant, educated, and insanely creative, but we didn't have a lot of money growing up. In fact, we were, by society's standards poor. We were often evicted from our apartments for non payment, or stuck walking in 100 degree weather to and from Jewel Osco in Southside of Chicago with our cart of groceries due to our lemon of a car breaking down again, and kids often made fun of me in school for my wearing "bo-bos" (off brand shoes).

It's funny.

I used to think our growing up poor was a disadvantage. I now understand that not having everything easily handed to me as a child helped make me the woman and mother I am today. I don't shy away from hard work. I don't mind challenges. Creativity for me feels natural (because when you grow up without a lot of things, you get creative!) And my struggles made me more resilient and more eager to seek God. I like the woman I am and am becoming, and much of this is attributed to seeds my mom planted in my childhood.

And lately, I've been thinking more of my childhood and how I want to implement the joyful experiences I had my own way with my kiddos. I think society is losing a lot of understanding of what makes motherhood and parenting truly magical. Nowadays, we wear "being busy" as a badge of honor. We are over scheduled. Burned out. We value money over simple abundance. We scroll on social media instead of putting the phone away and playing dolls with our daughters. And my soul has had enough of all. The. Distraction.

The world pressures us to answer and "heart" every comment, every DM, every text immediately.

It's too much.

The world pressures us to be everything for EVERYONE.

It's too much.

The world pressures us to be superwomen (by societal, not God's standard), at the expense of our peace.

It's too much.

Because guess what? Every YES we say to the world, is a NO we are giving our babies.

(So we'd better make sure our YESES are worth it!)

If you've been feeling the tug in your own spirit to simplify your life, de-clutter, go within, pray more, and ENJOY your precious babies (even more :), then you've come to the right place. You are NOT crazy for seeing the world for what it is right now. Many are losing all their peace trying to keep up with APPEARING like they have it all together online INSTEAD of actually having a great life offline.

I'm not here to bash social media. I enjoy connecting with like minded people online--you guys are awesome. But I find it odd that so many complain about not having enough time for their physical, emotional, and spiritual self care, yet are online or on Netflix scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling some more. We're living in an age of distraction. And it's at the expense of making motherhood all that it could be for ourselves, and our family.

I'm starting this blog in hopes that it speaks to other women out there who have been feeling an internal nudge to go within, deepen their relationship to God, and mother in a way that pleases Him--not society. (And HINT: your path will look very different than other woman's path--it's supposed to! So, stop comparing your season to anyone else's.)

I'm also starting this as my own creative outlet, and a way to document my homeschooling adventures as mother for my kids to look back when they're adults, and to hopefully inspire any moms out there with similar values.

A bit of background if you're new to my family: my son, Eliel is in the first grade, Ariel is in pre-k, and my baby boy Rafael is only 4 months old. We decided on the name Little Bear Homeschool because I have great memories of my first school I ever attended called Little Bear in Illinois, and because the acronym BEAR works for our babies: Bencomo, Eliel, Ariel, Rafael.

On this site, I'll be sharing tools I use to be a happy, more peaceful mom, tips to create a nurturing environment in your home, our homeschooling journey, and resources to support your kids in becoming the best versions of themselves.

If you want more tips specifically for us moms, then check out my website, And if you want to know more about my decision to homeschool, then check out this blog.

Our children only get ONE childhood. We only get ONE opportunity to be mothers in this season and the upcoming seasons. I don't know about you, but I want to get being a mom right. There is so much fulfillment that comes with motherhood. Join me as we discover those gifts together!

I want to look back at my life and have peace, not regret or "shoulda-wouldas". When I'm 100, I plan to look back at my life and smile, knowing I followed God's instructions in how He wants me to raise my babies.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts--I'm going to share more on our daily homeschooling schedule in upcoming blogs.

Thank you for subscribing and joining me on the journey.

Lots of fun to come!!!


Monica, Eliel, Ariel, Rafael

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Monica is a certified fitness trainer, author, mom of 3, wife, and blogger on Her mission is to be the best mom, wife, and version of herself she can be, and hopefully, inspire others to do the same. You can also find her on the 'gram too! @momswearheels

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